Monday 24th June 2024
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Karen David takes it mainstream

Karen David, the half Tamil and half Khasi-Chinese starlet is back with two hot new mixes for ‘hypnotize’ after the success of the Desi versions. The original Desi version featuring IshQ Bector & Sonu Kakkar was soon followed by the Rishi Rich remix featuring Mumzy stranger. There was even a Tamil version by UK producer Niro featuring rapper Sujeeth G.

The two new versions are clearly aimed for a mainstream audience and don’t include any South Asian influences. What’s also cool and clear to see is that the new video to the ‘Almighty Remix’ is very simple, the gorgeous Karen David with a few lights in the background. Thats all you need!

  With only a few variations from the original Desi mix, Karen’s second version, ‘The Definitive Radio Remix’ would quite easily fit into any rnb dj’s playlist. The video (view below) for this is simply a mash up of her previous two videos for Hypnotize.

Both versions will be available on iTunes, 7digital and all other legal download sites from the beginning of September. wish Karen and her team all the best with her new mixes and hope she gets the mainstream radio play and recognition she rightly deserves.