Friday 24th May 2024
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It’s Singam’s time to #RAWR

SiNGAM is a teenage music producer of British Tamil (Sri Lankan) origin, born and brought up in South London.

He first got into music at the age of 7, inspired by his cousins and their musicianship. As a skilled pianist/keyboardist, he started making simple beats on the PC, in his teens, which then progressed into more complex compositions and remixes.

Just over a year ago, he took on remixing tracks for UK Asian artists/bands, such as Dei Volente (listen here), Arjun (listen here) & Serese and has since gained a growing fan-base, garnering multiple plays on BBC Radio 1 by DJ Nihal.

His reason for remixing is that it is a chance to take the core of a track and transform into a new track with a whole new vibe, and he is well known in the UK, for his specialty genre of dub-step.

The SiNGAM dubstep remix of one of the most popular tracks of 2011, Why this Kolaveri Di, has been signed to SONY MUSIC and get’s it exclusive 1st UK radio play, on BBC Radio 1, via