Friday 14th June 2024
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Calling all graphic designers

Kazz Kumar needs you! The gorgeous singer with the enviable wardrobe, who also happens to be of Tamil descent, has collaborated with the talented Meetu Chilana (Cirque du Soleil singer) for her next track “Taking You Back”, and is looking for one of you to design the cover for the single. The song is about two women who, despite struggling with troublesome men, still take them back every time. Check out the teaser of the track in the video at the bottom of the page! 
The image needs to include the names of both artists, as well as the name of the single. For further details, as well as high quality images of both Kazz and Meetu, click here
The winner will not only get credited for the image, but will get a video message from both singers and a hard copy of the single. Entries should be sent to, and the competition closes on Sunday 21st November 2010. Good luck!