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MC SAI, a nationwide icon who began his career in the music industry as a Tamil rapper. He was the youngest Tamil rapper in the UK and one of the first. MC SAI is well known for his explicit lyrics and controversial concepts. The audience for his genre in music rapidly increases on a daily basis and enhances maximum audience from around the world.

Born and bred on the 22nd june 1991, in the town of Jaffna in Srilanka up until the age of 3. It was then in the year 1994 MC SAI moved to Germany due to the civil war that was ongoing in Srilanka. Due to ongoing changes MC SAI was not settled in Germany for a long period of time and soon after moved to the UK in 1999 where his passion for music and his destiny awaited.

MC SAI had yet to discover what faith had in store for him and determine his hidden talents in addition to pursuing a dream he had never dreamed of before. MC SAI throughout his childhood had immense passion for music and moving into the UK not knowing a great extent of people, the young rapper did spend most of his early years of his child hood in the UK at home. The irony of the situation encouraged and made him hungry to get into the music world as he would spend hours recording himself on a tape recorder and playing it back to recollect on what he sounded like.

At the age of 15 MC SAI was growing up in a community where rap and hip hop took majority of people’s interest. He decided to combine his obsession on his much loved Tamil, hip hop and rap beats and decided to get involved in allot of community services to start establishing himself.

MC SAI being an entertainer staged his newly thought idea and came out with phenomenal music beyond his own expectations. It was this event that was about to revolutionize MC SAI’s life when he was caught in the attention of Music producer Santhors, and Santhors had convinced himself that MC SAI was unique and had great potential, and thus MC SAI was approached furthermore when a studio session was officially booked. The two in the studio merged like flower to water. A small studio in Kingston was the birth of MC SAI.

MC SAI being on fire and full of energy released his first ever track online called Pothum discussing the struggle Tamil civilians were facing back in Srilanka. Upon the release of this track MC SAI was approached by a new Label known as Rebelstar Records who were taken by the idea of Tamil Rap. They Signed him up to the label and Released an Album. At 16 and still full of desire MC SAI became the Youngest Tamil Rapper to release an album at such young age. Album sold worldwide and soon after sales were hitting roof high. After the success of his first album MC SAI featured alongside many artists doing songs of all genres targeted at audiences from all types.

MC SAI is currently working on promoting Tamil rap nationwide to gain recognition for the industry and get talented Tamils interested in producing individual made music. Still in his teens, MC SAI is not only at the start of his career, but he has managed to reach out to his fans, keeping them on the edge and always making them want more. We amongst thousands of fans are waiting for more greatly produced masterpieces from him. This is the beginning of a young militant making a mark in the Tamil rap industry


Track Name Type Release Date Track Link
So Special Aayiram Nilavu Unnidam Kanden Album Track 2012
Osama Obama ( Aaryan Dinesh K ) Aaryan Album 2012
Blackjack ( Switch (Lock Up), Teejay, Diluckshan, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Dj Mastermind, Sheezay, Rabbit Mac) Single 2014
The Po Mashup (Gana Bala, Mc Sai, A7 ) Ivanuku Thannila Kandam EP Track 2015


Album Art Album Name Tracks D/L Link
Simmasanam - The Throne - Album - 2012
  • Intro
  • One Love One Nation (feat. Steve Cliff)
  • Ey (feat. Stylomannavan & Young Kidd)
  • Rasikkum Seemati
  • Skit 1 (feat. Roastpaan Ravi & Kutti Hari)
  • Karakudi Pennea (feat. Krishan & Dilsha)
  • Enoda Vandiyila (feat. Balan Kashmir & Steve Cliff)
  • Irru Ithayam (feat. Haricharan & Rabbit.Mac)
  • Skit 2 (feat. D’man)
  • 50kg Thangama (feat. Aaryan Dinesh K & Teejay)
  • Silai Pohla (feat. Aadhi Hiphop Thamizhan & Steve Cliff)
  • Ancient Aliens (feat. Little Empire)
  • Skit 3 (feat. Roastpaan Ravi)
  • Pakathuveetu Kaari (Girl Next Door) [feat. Six]
  • Raja Raja Cholan (feat. Aadhi Hip Hop Thamizhan)
  • Skit 4 (feat. Kutti Hari & a.T)
  • Kanni Pennea (feat. Vashanth, Archana & Narvinidery)
  • Nandri
Be Right Back - Album - 2014
  • Intro (feat. Princeten Charles, Vernon G Segaram, Steve Cliff & Charles Bosco)
  • Drop (feat. Illaiya Hustlaz & DJ Mastermind)
  • Ko 30k
  • Oru Nodi (feat. Steve Cliff)
  • Nee Quarter Nan Water (feat. Gana Bala)
  • Whatever Happens
  • Kurru Kurru (feat. Teejay)
  • Sutta Car
  • Brb