Friday 24th May 2024
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Susheela Raman in K-Town!

Mercury-prize nominated musician Susheela Raman is known for her distinctive vocal style and mesmerising stage presence. Her parents hail from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, South India, and Susheela grew up primarily in Sydney, Australia, where she learnt Carnatic (South Indian classical) music. As a teenager, she expanded her musical horizons to include more Blues and Jazz-based music. Moving to London in 1997, Susheela began to explore the possibility of merging together the different genres, and soon began to make a name for herself as a one-of-a-kind musician who stayed true to her Tamil roots whilst adding a contemporary twist to her music.

Now, the talented Susheela is set to make her foray into the Tamil film industry, as she recently recorded a song for the film "Vidiyum Munn". With music composed by Girishh, the film is an experimental thriller, and the music director felt that Susheela’s distinctive vocal tone would be perfect for the track.

We can’t wait to hear it!