Monday 17th June 2024
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Sugam by Mayu Ganeshan

In a day the video has received over 22,000 views and continues to rise. Sugam, means happiness in Tamil and the song is a project by Mayu Ganeshan, a new producer on the Tamil music scene. Based in Australia, he fuses eastern and western musical styles and brings together people from across the world.

The singers involved in making the track included several young artists of Tamil descent – Nave who sings & raps in English (Sydney) with Annojan (Germany), Thananjan (Melbourne) & Annalouise who sing in Tamil.

The project took me about two years to finalise as it was quite experimental. I wanted the music to sound natural but modern as I felt that a lot of Tamil cinema songs had become overly processed and compressed. So far, the song has been received well here in Australia. It received 22,000 views on its first day of release which I never expected. I’m hoping the rest of the world will appreciate it too."  Mayu Ganeshan

Mayu migrated to Sydney in 2006 from Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka & India, he had been involved in developing various musical projects but did not feel comfortable to fully express his art. He moved to Sydney and began studying at SAE Audio Engineering school which taught him a lot of skills both personally and culturally that have shaped the music that he makes today.

At present, he is working on several Tamil and fusion music productions, with a few more songs to be released over the next few months. Keep logged onto for all the latest on Mayu’s musical endeavours.