Friday 24th May 2024
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Stanford Raagapella cover Oru Maalai / Oka Maru

Stanford, on the west coast of America is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. The recent Times Higher Education world university ranking places it 2nd in the world, and its close proximity to Silicon Valley makes it a favourite for many students from South India & further abroad.

Stanford has something else to be proud of. They go by the name Stanford Raagapella, an all-male, multi-ethnic a cappela group with a South Asian focus. Founded in 2002, the group fuse everything from Bollywood / South Indian pop to traditional cultural music into their performances.

We are delighted the group are back, and with something close to our "Surya" loving hearts! Here is a cover of Oru Maalai (Tamil – Kollywood) / Oka Maru (Telugu – Tollywood) from the movie Ghajini. Credits have been included at the bottom of this article.

Two-time winners of the National South Asian A Cappella Championship, the group has also received critical acclaim for its debut album Raags to Riches, and performed alongside composer A.R. Rahman and other stars of Indian film music. Raagapella hopes to spread appreciation for the rich musical culture of South Asia through performances at Stanford and throughout the world. 


Arranged by Sunthar Premakumar, Sachin Premasuthan and Vivek Agrawal.
Soloists: Nikhil Kamat, Sunthar Premakumar, Ravi Tiruvury, Prasanna Vasudevan, Sachin Premasuthan
Vocal Percussion: Conal Sathi
Actors: Prasanna Vasudevan, Arif Gilani, Alisha Seam, Tulsi Modi
Filmed by Sunthar Premakumar and Gokul Vardan
Edited by Sunthar Premakumar and Arif Gilani