Saturday 13th April 2024
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Sid Sriram with AR Rahman!

The soundtrack for Mani Ratnam’s upcoming film "Kadal" has already gained a lot of interest, and the two already-released tracks – "Nenjukulle" and "Elay Keechan" – have been received extremely well by the masses. In fact, "Elay Keechan" became number 1 on the iTunes chart, ahead of Adele and viral sensation Psy.

Earlier today, the full tracklist for "Kadal" was released, and it is brilliant to see that US-based singer Sid Sriram has recorded a song entitled "Adiye" for the album!

Sid, who was born in Chennai and raised in the USA, is a versatile singer who has trained in Carnatic music from a young age. His YouTube covers and original music fall into the RnB/Indie/Pop genres, but he stays true to his roots with the occasional Indian classical riff thrown in here and there.

The singer Tweeted today about his excitement at being involved in such a highly-anticipated soundtrack, saying "AR Rahman sir has always been one of my greatest influences as a musician and figure, and I’m so proud to had the honor of working with him!"

It’s great to see international independent talents being recognised by musicians as renowned as AR Rahman. We can’t wait to see what more Sid Sriram brings to the table…no doubt he has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry!

Below is Sid’s latest video – a live performance of his track "Wake Up" from his Daydream EP.

UPDATE: Click here to listen to "Adiye", and for a full review of the Kadal soundtrack.