Friday 24th May 2024
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Penne Kanneer Vidathe by DR SAKTHI

We are delighted to introduce the very talented Dr Sakthi, a Malaysian singer who is also a medical practitioner! It is not wrong to say that Dr Sakthivel Thamotharan is probably the only medical doctor in Malaysia who has his own reggae album. Hailing from Klang, Sakthi sings in English, Tamil and Malay.

We had the privilege of meeting this talented artist a few years ago when we hosted an event called urban Koothu – The Malaysian Special featuring Sasi the Don, Balan Kashmir & Apache Indian. Sakthi performed at the event his Tamil version of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry (Penne Kanneer Vidathe)” which he wrote himself. We were hooked and have been waiting a long time for its official release. We are delighted to announce the trailer is out with the full video expected to be released on 11.11.12! The song has been produced by D’Navigator and is an official licensed remake of Bob Marley’s – No Woman No Cry – In Tamil. Check out the trailer below.