Monday 15th July 2024
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Adaxial Sessions: Aa Bhi Jaa – Ambika Jois

Check out this brilliant cover of Hindi song "Aa Bhi Jaa" by the talented Ambika Jois – who is originally from Bangalore, South India and is now based in London – and producer and musician Vernon G Segaram.

Ambika was born and (partially) bred in Bengaluru, and is primarily trained in Carnatic (South Indian Classical Music). However, the versatile singer’s vocal abilities shine through a range of genres including Bollywood, jazz, soul, RnB and pop, as well as her own creation "Indioul" – soul/jazz blended with Indian music. Now based in the UK, Ambika has worked with a range of artistes including Shammi Pithia, Charles Bosco and Vijay Prakash to name a few.

UK-based producer Vernon began his musical training at a very young age, mastering a number of instruments including the Mirudangam, violin and piano. He has since produced tracks for TV stations such as Deepam TV and various UK artistes. Now Vernon has begun to collaborate with a number of South Indian musicians, and has a lot of work lined up for release in the new future.

We can’t wait to hear more from both of these rising stars!