Thursday 18th April 2024
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Lost by Loven ft. Arjun

Loven Ganeshwaran aka LOVEN is a popular rapper in the British Tamil community. Juggling dentistry by day along with his passion for music at night makes Loven a very busy lad. This explains why we only get to see a release once a year, but what we can say is each is worth the wait. Today he dropped the highly-anticipated music video to “Lost,” featuring Arjun (guitars & chorus) a friend and colleague in the British Asian music industry.

Both artistes have been working together for several years on music projects, with "Lost" being the first official release which showcases Loven’s skills as a performer, writer and producer. Directed by Barking Mad Productions, the video keeps to Loven’s creative & underground roots as seen in his previous video “Breathe.”

LOST combines the melancholic elements of acoustic guitar with an electro-bass sound to bring you a new age fusion that hits hard.

In his recent tweet, Loven sums up the story behind Lost. “What inspired me to write lost? Just got fed up with people telling me they hate their lives coz of their jobs but the $$$$$ keeps em going.” Check out the video below and if you like it, share it!