Monday 22nd April 2024
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Uyirin Yeakkam – Tamil Music Video

Here is the eagerly anticipated “Uyirin Yeakkam” which won the “Best Music Video Song” at the 2013 Norway Tamil Film Festival which took place last month in Oslo.

The song is a collaborative effort from talent across Europe. The haunting vocals have been provided by Prathadsan, with Lyrics by Kavi Yazhan and music by UK’s very own Vernon G Segaram.

Directed by Prasanna, the cinematography & editing has been managed by Desuban who is part of the award winning Paris based team “Avatharam” who present this production.

We should add that we rarely showcase “Indian cinema style” videos which do not feature the actual singer or musician, but we have made an exception in this case.

This could be best described as a short film rather than a music video. Close to 6mins in length, the whole video flows effortlessly and deserves a replay in order to spot the effects which may have been missed first time round.

In the lead roles are RK Dino & Archsanna, who bring the song to life through their believable expressions of affection, anxiety and grief. One scene which seems to let down the production (for a few seconds) is the setting of the confrontation between mother and child, which strikes a resemblance to a Tamil serial drama.

Overall a truly commendable effort which will hopefully lead to many more similar collaborations in the future.