Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Introducing…Tha Mystro

Introducing Sujeev a.k.a. Tha Mystro, an upcoming Tamil rapper from the UK, signed to the GJ Arts label. Earlier this month, the talented youngster featured on the track "Love Panna Thoonuthe" along with Johan Anthony and Huzltime

Born in France to Sri Lankan Tamil parents, Tha Mystro first discovered the Tamil rap scene through artists such as Yogi B and Dr Burn. "The Tamil rap trend these artists set in the Tamil music industry has influenced me a lot, since rap/R&B has always been my favourite genre," he says. "In 2009, I started writing lyrics based on the situations that have been happening back in Ilangai (Sri Lanka), which has affected me a lot. Writing from then has brought me all the way here."

"Love Panna Thoonuthe" is a real international track, with Johan Anthony from Denmark, Huzltime from Switzerland, Tha Mystro from the UK and produced by Kowtham from Germany. Tha Mystro is particularly proud of his work on this track, saying "I can’t deny that I have given one of my best flows out of everything that I have done so far", and already the song has received a great deal of positive feedback. 

"My next release will be my first official music video," he continues. "The song is ‘Where You At?’, composed by Gaji, which I have written and performed on myself. Towards the end of next month I will be beginning to work on my mixtape alongside producer Kris Guna from France."

He also reveals that he has done some work with a top Indian film composer! "I have recently recorded a rap for D. Imman, who is well-known for his amazing work in [Tamil film] ‘Kumki’." 

It looks like this musician already has a lot on his plate, but he is quick to add that "there are many other projects lined up, but for now that’s all I can say!"

Stay tuned on for updates on this talented UK-based artiste’s work, and check out "Love Panna Thoonuthe" below:

Photo credits: Ninaivukal – Moments of Events [Canada]