Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Introducing Bavanandan, a half-Sri Lankan, half-Trinidadian singer-songwriter who is gearing up for the release of his debut solo record. Jason Bavanandan (who goes by his surname as an artiste), was the lead singer of "Battle", a UK indie rock band that released two albums and numerous singles, and were signed to independent record label, Transgressive Records.

This new project is more than just a collection of songs; Bavanandan’s solo debut album is actually the soundtrack to an upcoming film written by VV Ganeshananthan, and directed by Prasanna Puwanarajah. Made up of twelve tracks, it tells the story of a boy and girl who drive to a new town in an attempt to save their relationship, with each track representing one month in a year of this couple’s life.

Have a listen to "A Brand New City" from Bavanandan’s upcoming record, "Whiplash Dreams". The track represents the month of February in the couple’s journey:

"My roots are very important to me," says the musician. "But I want them to blossom in the city I was born, so the live band will feature a rich diversity of multicultural British talent. This is very important to represent London as the modern city. It’s all part of the cultural evolution as I see it, and showing the children of ex-pat Tamil as capable of being poets, artists, authors etc."

We think this project sounds pretty exciting, and look forward to bringing you more details in the upcoming months.

Today, Bavandan put out "Millionaires", the song for the month of March. Have a listen below – it has a very different sound to the previous track!