Wednesday 19th June 2024
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Dhruv Vikram’s Manase – Taking Tamil Romance to New York Yet Again!

The video ‘Manase’, by vocalist and actor Dhruv Vikram has just hit YouTube, and it has already completed more than 200k views… and why not?

Non-cinematic Tamil music’s success has to be attributed to how the rustic emotions conveyed in the song, can be enjoyed by everyone. The lyrics of the songs are penned to celebrate common conversational language and not complicated poetic intricacies.

The hip-hop-ish rhythms and the techno-flavored brass elements contrastingly complement the lo-fi vocals of Dhruv Vikram. With Adithya Varma’s Edharkadi and Mahaan’s Missing Me, he’s slowly establishing as a go-to vocalist just like his dad (Remember O Podu in Gemini?)

The song, starring Junior Chiyaan himself and Nathalie Diaz (who makes her video debut with this song) is shot in New York’s Soho City hotel and various landmarks dotted around the city. The song explores the fond memories of a young man. The twist towards the end of the song’s story is bound to make everyone gulp for a moment, snapping back from the mesmerized state they were in… when they were listening to the song!

The song ‘Manase’ signals yet again that mainstream movie stars explore into independent music… and this is only going to make non-film Tamil music bigger, better, and diverse! Wishing Dhruv Vikram and all the other budding artists all the very best for their future ventures!