Friday 24th May 2024
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Ilaiyaraja receives \”Hreemkara – Call of the Soul\” by Charulatha Mani

Carnatic musician and playback singer Charulatha Mani released her album "Hreemkara – Call of the Soul" earlier today. The first copy was received by none other than musical maestro Ilaiyaraja, and in her blog post, the singer said he is her "biggest inspiration in music".

"I recall singing my Hamsanandi tuned Asai mugam maraandhu poche before him," wrote the singer. "He told me to seek music within myself, to create what I believed in. He said ‘You know your music, so just create your own sounds and opportunities…". These words were the inspiration for Hreemkara’s creation".

The album has been released by Times Music South, and features Hindu auspicious verses in the Sanskrit language. Charulatha Mani herself has tuned the verses, setting them to "contemporary tunes for global appeal". 

"Hreemkara – Call of the Soul" is available for purchase from iTunes by clicking here. Have a listen to some of the tracks on the album below: 

Image courtesy of Charulatha Mani