Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Daddy Shaq – Maria Two ft. Rubba.Bend

"Maria Two" is a catchy track from Malaysian Tamil artist Daddy Shaq, who is part of PSYCHO.unit. The song is from Daddy Shaq’s album "September Eleven", which is due out on January 27th.

The track features a verse by PSYCHO.unit’s female rapper Rubba.Bend, who we recently featured as part of our "Introducing…" series. 

Have a listen to the track below:

We’re loving the ‘urban koothu’ feel of the song…who says Dappankoothu is too outdated for the 21st Century? This track ticks all the boxes for a dancefloor hit, with its catchy beat and addictive melody!

Below is the trailer for Daddy Shaq’s album "September Eleven" which is out later this month: