Monday 17th June 2024
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AR Rahman’s Rasaayana Rojakkal

Award-winning music director AR Rahman recently posted a link to a video entitled "Rasaayana Rojakkal", meaning ‘Chemical Roses‘. However, the world-renowned musician has not revealed much else about the video. The credits at the end include the names of his sisters Reihanah and Ishrath, so speculation points to this being a concept album that the three siblings have produced together. 

The video features some striking imagery, and the words "Puratchi, Latchiyam, Viduthalai" (meaning ‘Revolution, Aim, Freedom/Deliverance’) appear on the screen. The music has a classically-influenced sound, but whether the whole album (if it even is a full album) will follow suit is as yet unknown.

Watch the video "Rasaayana Rojakkal" below: