Sunday 21st April 2024
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Chairsyde by Tamil entrepreneurs in book marking 75 years of NHS

Chairsyde, a revolutionary dental consultation platform, founded by British Tamil dentist and tech innovator Dr Loven Ganeshwaran and Kirk Sivanandan, after an inspiring aid mission to the North & East of Sri Lanka, has been featured in a new book to commemorate 75 years of the National Health Service.

The book presents the people and policies that have shaped Britain’s revered health service. It also highlights examples of achievement and progress across social, technological, commercial and cultural spheres.

In the publication, Loven, shares his personal experience which led him to embark on Chairsyde.

“We visited Sri Lanka in 2011 to deliver dental treatment to orphanages following the civil war,” he says. “I taught the children a song to guide them in cleaning their teeth. When we returned two years later, their behaviour change towards better oral health was remarkable. Back in my NHS practice in the UK, I noticed a similar sense of empowerment in patients when I drew pictures to explain their conditions, treatment options and risks. It significantly improved their understanding, trust, treatment uptake and dental hygiene adherence.”

With the help of his friend Kiri Sivanandan, who has a technical background, and input from other dental professionals, the drawing evolved into a platform hosting patient- friendly animations, to which the pair gradually added other features. They officially launched Chairsyde in 2020. A year later, it won Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards.

On Thursday 6th September, Loven attended the unveiling of the publication called “75 Years of the National Health Service”, at Westminister Abbey.

Researched and written by a select team of academics and industry experts, the fully illustrated publication explores the origins of the NHS, history and impact. The book was produced in partnership by the History of Parliament Trust and publisher St James’s House.

The book is available to order at St James