Sunday 14th July 2024
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Wilbur on Tour

Dubbed as "India’s First YouTube Sensation" by the Times of India, Wilbur Sargunaraj caught the attention of many through his funny videos such as "How to make Chicken 65", and "Love Marriage" – the latter of which currently has over a million views on YouTube. Wilbur is currently busy with promotions for his upcoming "Simple Superstar Movie". The audio launch took place in Bangalore last Saturday, and this week the trailer tour moves to Pune. 

With the tagline "making the common, extraordinary", Wilbur’s passion to bring equality and unity to the world has been the key reason he has built a worldwide audience. He interacts with each and every one of his fans, no matter where they’re from, and is more than happy to let them get involved with his projects too.

The entertainer doesn’t just make videos for pure comedic value though; he is currently involved in a project called "Why Poverty?", which aims to use films to raise awareness of poverty across the globe. In his videos for the project, Wilbur tackles not only causes of poverty in India, but also looks into potential solutions to the issue. His "Wilbur Goes Poor" series may be handling a serious subject, but in true Wilbur style, his videos are light-hearted but still effective in getting the point across. Check out the latest episode of "Wilbur Goes Poor" below:

"Simple Superstar Movie" is the semi-biographical story of Wilbur Sargunaraj, and his mission to get everyone to celebrate the common, together. What is really unique about the film is that it has been made solely using the support of the Wilbur Worldwide Community; each member of the cast and crew has been handpicked by Wilbur himself, and have been chosen from his Twitter and Facebook fans!

We can’t wait to see this special film, which is out in 2013! Check out the trailer below: