Sunday 23rd June 2024
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Tooting Broadway – Trailer

A film that is currently creating a lot of interest in London’s Tamil community is "Tooting Broadway," the first feature length British film to showcase the Tamil community in the UK! It is an urban crime drama/ thriller set one day before the Tamil Protests outside The House of Parliament.

The film was shot with a budget of £500,000 and the core team consists of members of the Tamil community, including the producer Joshua Clement, executive producer Ruby Lovell and the director Devanand Shanmugam. In a recent article in the Wandsworth Guardian, the producers said they wanted to highlight the issue of Tamil gangs & Tamil culture in the UK. Ruby Lovell, the producer said: “It’s a tragic shame that people get caught up in the wrong crowd. We want to expose south London for what it is. It is not glorifying gang violence, it is showing the reality.”

Leaders in the Tamil community have raised their concerns including Tamil charity White Pigeon, who are fearful about how the film might portray the Tamil community, with local MPs concerned also about the community and the image of the local area. The film follows the story of a young second generation Sri Lankan Tamil man called Arun. On the request of his mother, he returns home with a 24-hour deadline to stop his younger brother Ruthi participating in a criminal act. London Tamil actor Kabelan Verlkumar plays the role of Ruthi.

Below we feature the recently released trailer for the upcoming movie, which we should advise is not suitable for young children as it contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.