Monday 15th July 2024
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Vennira Iravuggal – A Romantic Touch by Malaysian R.Perakas

We first heard about Vennira Iravuggal (English: White Night) through the organisers of the Norway Tamil Film Festival, who spoke highly of the upcoming Malaysian production by Shine Entertainment.

“This is the first Tamil movie to be filmed in Malaysia, Singapore & Myanmar, I can’t wait for people in Europe to see this,” said Vaseeharan the founder of the Norway Tamil Film Festival, who has chosen the film for a special screening in Oslo, London & Berlin.

We saw a few stills during the post-production process and recognised a few faces from the Malaysia’s Indian music industry. Since then we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the trailer.

The Malaysian Tamil romantic comedy film has been written, directed and produced by R.Perakas. Starring Magen aka Vikadakavi (Psycho.unit) in the lead role with Sangeetha Krishnasamy.The producers are planning to take the film on tour with screenings in Canada, Australia, Singapore & Malaysia in the pipeline.

The Norway Tamil Film Festival is an internationally recognised festival to celebrate and award Tamil creativity in the movie industry – Kollywood & Tamil independent cinema. Now in their 4th year the festival’s award ceremony will continue to take place in Oslo, Norway, scheduled for Saturday 27th April 2013, with screenings in London & Berlin. Stay logged onto for more on the film and European screening dates.