Saturday 13th April 2024
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How can a taxi driver do his job without any fuel?

"Kerosene" is a short documentary film produced by Kannan Arunasalam that has received the 2013 South Asian International Documentary Festival’s Prism Short Award. The film looks at how taxi drivers in north and east Sri Lanka managed to do their jobs during the Sri Lankan government’s embargo on supplies such as fuel.

Released in 2011, "Kerosene" was featured on the renowned "Moving Images" website, and you can view the film below:

Kannan was born in Jaffna, and he grew up in London before he returned to Sri Lanka in 2005. He also is the man behind the "I Am" project, looking at how the older generation of Sri Lankans identify themselves.

"Kerosene" was produced by Kannan along with two other short films, using a grant from Groundviews in 2011. The three films – "Kerosene", "Koothu" and "Paper" – take a look at life in North Sri Lanka, post-war. Check out the trailer for all three films below: