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From Migrant to Moviestar: Dheepan’s Antonythasan Jesuthasan

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    Saturday 25th November 2017

In a special screening and discussion event for Being A Man festival, actor Antonythasan Jesuthasan reflects on his extraordinary journey from being a migrant displaced by Sri Lanka’s civil war, to seeking political asylum in France, and then becoming the critically acclaimed star of Jacques Audiard’s 2016 Palme d’Or winning film, Dheepan.

Dheepan tells the story of a group of Sri Lankans displaced by the war, forced to assume the identity of a family and take low-paid jobs to eek out a living in an increasingly hostile neighbourhood in France. It captures the challenges faced by those forced together by circumstance, the traumas of war and its aftermath, and human bonds formed in extremis. It offers a moving and powerful portrayal of a man caught between different expectations and roles, simultaneously as a provider, protector, husband, and father, while also grieving for his actual family who have been killed in the civil war.

The story of Dheepan mirrors Antonythasan Jesuthasan’s own experiences as a migrant displaced by Sri Lanka’s civil war and years in France as a political refugee. In this special event accompanied by scenes from the film, he reflects candidly on the real experiences which inspired his performance, and what being a man means to him.

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