Thursday 20th June 2024
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White guy raps in Tamil!

Aaron from New York ( USA ) studies Tamil at the American College, Madurai, South India. He speaks /reads /writes Tamil fluently. He is currently doing research on Tamil Hip Hop and got in touch with the Wattabottles. He wrote these lyrics with a little help from the Wattabottles and rapped it perfectly! Check out the video below and tell us what you think. The lyrics are also available below for you to rap along to!


Hello my name is Aaron
sela peyar Arun nu kupiduvaanga
naan Chennai la iruken
Wattabottles Studiolenthu pesuren
ungalukaaga sollisai panna poren

vellai karan naan chennail iruken
Vettaikaran naan paarkamaaten
New York irunthu vanthu , Tamil naan padichen
Budwiser ille , Kalyaani Adichen
Soupa vittu naan rasathai kudichen
MTC bussil thongittu vanthen
Wattabottles kudikarthukaaga illai
Chennai sol isain mootha pillai
Veerama Munivar ketuirkengala??
Pona jenmathiley naan thaan da !!