Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Top 5 Outrageous Action Scenes (Part 2)

3. Tamil Terminator 2.0

Do I even need to introduce the man in this video? If you ever wondered what would happen if all of Tom Cruise’s roles where given to Ron Jeremy, then Superstar Rajanikanth is the answer. The man is a living legend, and along with Vijayakanth proves that chubby old men are the heroes of choice in Tamil Nadu. The clip is taken from his 2010 super-hit Endhiran and is truly epic. The craziness on display here needs to be seen to be believed, and the random Russian voice-over that occasionally pops up just enhances its awesomeness.
For those of you who have not seen Endhiran, it is a cross between The Terminator, The Sound of Music and every Steven Segal movie ever made. Upon seeing this movie, Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone described it as “original and fresh” which we all know is just a polite way of saying “What on EARTH have I just watched?! MY EYES….THEY BURN!”
The West is clearly not ready for this level of awesomeness, Hollywood 0 Rajanikanth 1.
2. Return of Chiranjeevi, horse drifter

Chiranjeevi returns, and from the second you see his blood shot eyes you know that some insanity is gonna go down within a matter of seconds. The clip starts off with him breaking free from a police van and what happens thereafter defies all logic; police jeeps fly through the air, cars smash into other cars, horses get battered, and all take place regardless of whether our hero is near them or has done anything to them. 
The most outrageous scene begins at 2.02 minutes, where our hero grabs one of the few remaining living horses and then feels compelled to “Tokyo Drift” the animal under a freaking truck. He then takes it upon himself to inflict further damage on the poor animal by repeatedly smashing it head-first into every piece of glass in southern Indian. This horse massacre is complimented by more jeeps and cars flying into the air and exploding without any provocation at all.
I can imagine PETA members breaking down in tears after watching this video.  If anyone ever believed that India was a nation of animal-lovers this video suggests without a doubt that unless you’re a cow, you are screwed. 
And the most outrageous action scene in a South Indian film…. 
1. Welcome to the mountain of Telugu madness 

This clip was sent to me from an anonymous Yahoo account two nights ago. The individual left no name other then the message “Please forgive me”. When I tried replying back all I got was a “This e-mail does not exist” message from my Outlook server. When I finally got round to watching this video I realised that I had been damned. This video is the YouTube equivalent of The Ring, virally sent from person to person cursing anyone stupid enough to watch it to an eternity of madness. Frame by frame, your perception of reality will disappear and by the end of the 4 minutes you will think that the spectacle you had just witnessed was showing normal, everyday occurrences.
I assume the only way to break the curse is to pass the video onto another unsuspecting fool. Therefore, I am sorry! Forgive me, but I was weak. Logic will no longer exist for you, welcome to insanity. 
Written by Mystic Tamil