Friday 14th June 2024
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Top 5 Outrageous Action Scenes

Mystic Tamil gives us a round-up of the Top 5 most outrageous action scenes he’s come across in South Indian films. Brace yourselves for a world of madness!
Don’t worry; this is not going to be one of those articles that has a pop at the ridiculousness of South Indian movies. Whilst Bollywood is preoccupied with chasing the elusive “Western pat on the head”, the South Indian industry has remained true to its roots and this is something to be proud of. Yes, around 90% of the movies produced by the South are what most would class as derivative, Masala-flavoured nonsense, but despite all their polish, glamour and Hollywood butt-kissing, are the stats up north in Bollywood really any better? As a Tamil, I am proud of the fact that the South has remained steadfast, raised its middle finger to those in the West and continued making the films it wants to make.
Prior to writing this article, I put up a request on my Facebook status asking my fans (ok, friends…fine, people I once met!) to e-mail me the craziest actions scenes that they have come across on YouTube. There was only one rule: the movie clips had to be from a South Indian movie. What follows is the 5 most over-the-top action scenes taken from South Indian movies; action scenes that Hollywood can only dream of – in their nightmares! 
5. Tamil moobs of steel

If you are wondering who this chocolate-skinned badass is, its Captain Vijayakanth. He is Tamil Nadu’s answer to a question the rest of the world was too afraid to ask – what would you get if you crossed a toad with a blackcurrant flavoured Rowntree’s jelly baby? He has been making movies for almost 30 years which clearly proves that we Tamils want our heroes to be pastel shirt-wearing, chubby, old men suffering from liver disease…

I don’t think this video even needs an explanation; what you have just witnessed is the first “nipple block” in the history of cinema. The fact that the bullet bounces back and kills the shooter makes the scene more infinitely bad-ass. Neo from The Matrix may have had the ability to dodge bullets in slow-motion, but our Captain can bounce them off his left nipple. God bless you, Captain Sir and your bullet-proof, titanium nipples! 

4. Tokyo Drift, Dravidian Style!

This clip is taken from the Telugu movie Alluda Majaka (1995) starring Telugu housewives’ choice Chiranjeevi. His Wikipedia profile labels him as a mega-star actor and politician, and after watching this clip, I want this guy to run for Parliament in the UK!
This video puts to shame every scene in every Fast and the Furious movie; Vin Diesel may be able to “drift” cars, but Mr Chiranjeevi can drift a 30,000lbs tractor and then “tractor jump” over a bunch of other tractors with only a one metre run-up!
This is probably the first (and only) tractor-based action sequence in the history of cinema. I showed this clip to my father and his only response was “Man, he really out-tractored those tractor dudes!” – any clip that can prompt this type of response from a 62-year-old Sri Lankan man is worthy of a spot in this prestigious list.