Monday 15th July 2024
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Terrible Relationship Advice… (Part II)

Guys find “bubbly”, socially inept girls attractive
A growing trend in the Tamil cinema is the bubbly and child-like heroine. The best example that comes to mind is Genelia’s character in the comedy film Santosh Subramaniam (2008).

The whole film is based around how lovable, bubbly and child-like she is. However, what I saw was someone who was socially inept and possibly clinically insane.  One of the main running jokes in the movie (as hinted at in the above video) is her fascination with head-butting people. There are several scenes in the movie where the hero runs around trying to stop her from head-butting his father.  Rather than yelling “For god’s sake, why are you trying to head-butt my dad? You’re a fully-grown woman! ” and kicking her to the curb, the hero falls even more in love with her.
Kollywood has now started teaching girls that being a socially-inept moron is an attractive personality trait. It’s not just the girls who this affects, check out the comments under the above video on its Youtube site. You will see a whole host of comments from guys varying from “this is the girl I want in my life” to “wow she is so sweet. I want a wife like her”. Are you kidding me? Taking Genelia out of the picture, would you really want to marry a woman who behaves like a 7-year-old? Maybe there is a deeper message; that Tamil men prefer child-like women since they are easier to control. Who knows! As far as I am concerned, the Tamil movie “bubbly girl” is the bimbo of the Apple generation and they need to put a stop to it now.
However, this relationship advice seems pretty safe compared to the next one that Kollywood has been preaching for decades…