Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Still Life Now Online

The award winning and critically acclaimed  short film ‘Still Life ‘ is now available to be viewed online. The film, produced by BarkingMAD productions and directed by Nelson and Kuvera Sivalingam, takes a poignant look at the London Tamil community torn apart by the ever growing gang culture.

Following on from the great reception  of ‘Still Life’ at various film festivals, BarkingMAD productions’ next venture ‘Article 38’ is to be screened at the prestigious ‘Bollywood and beyond’ film festival in Stuttgart, Germany on Friday, 22nd of July. The directors Nelson and Kuvera Sivalingam will be flying out to attend a Q&A to discuss the controversial film which has caused much debate and strongly polarised opinions amongst the audiences.

We had also exclusively revealed on Thamarai that BarkingMAD productions were busy shooting their debut feature film, interestingly titled  ‘The Rajini Effect’. Sources close to the production house tell us that the final shooting schedule is complete and post production is in full swing. The rumour has it that the film is a comedy about a Japanese guy’s quest to become the next Rajinikanth!!! We will keep you posted.

*Still Life has no official classification but we recommend Parental Guidance as scenes contain acts of violence and frequent use of strong/fowl language which will be unsuitable for young children.*