Saturday 22nd June 2024
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Rajstar’s Rahman Noodles is happy to introduce a remix album worthy of promotion! RajStar (a/k/a Raj Makhija) is a dj, music producer, composer, sound engineer, writer and musician based out of New York and Mumbai. He has a fresh sound described as Timbaland meets AR Rahman.

Chicken Tikka meets Grits. Curry meets Steak. You get the idea. Rahman Noodles takes samples of AR Rahman’s work (i.e. Slumdog Millionaire, Bombay, etc.) and samples of various western musicians (i.e. Jay-Z, Michael Jackson), all taken completely apart and put back together, mixed with the finest of spices and elements of RajStar’s own production to bring you a completely unique sound…Rahman Noodles.

An explosive mix of Urban, Kollywood (Tamil) and Bollywood (Hindi) anthems..all for free download via the artists website. Click here