Thursday 18th April 2024
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Priyankari Remix

You would’ve heard their voices alongside Music Composer A.R.Rahman on Endhiran’s "Irumbile Oru Irudhayam" Soundtrack. Now the Singaporean Tamil duo, Lady Kash and Krissy mark their presence in the Malayalam Film Industry with their feature in the Soundtrack "Priyankari Remix" composed by Dharan Kumar for the Movie "The Thriller" which has been directed by B.Unnikrishnan.

"Priyankari Remix" –  Listen here

A Soundtrack with electro-pop vibes and a tinge of mystery injected, is certainly a song which will leave you entranced and have you listening to it over and over again. With a smooth blend of romantic vocals and rap, the lyrics and music get together to have you building visuals in your mind. With lyrics like "Special like a boon, we’ll rise with the Moon. Haunting addiction, your howling voice.." this one will take you to the forest in the night-time with your fearless partner!

Soundtrack: Priyankari Remix ; Artistes: Benny Dayal, Lady Kash and Krissy, Mamtha Mohandas ; Music Composer: Dharan Kumar.

The Film; a gripping thriller is based on the murder case of Paul which was the headlines in the media for more than 3 months for its mysterious execution and Actor Prithviraj plays the lead role of the Investigation Officer.

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