Monday 17th June 2024
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Kollyburst 21

Vinay in Thillu Mullu

A lot of recent films have been recycling titles of Super Star Rajinikanth’s previous films, even though they aren’t remakes. Next up in line will be a film called “Thillu Mullu” starring chocolate boy Vinay (Unnaale Unnaale, Modhi Vilayadu), who is currently doing good business in the Telugu and Malayalam film industries.

This movie will be directed by Madhesh (Madhurey) who will be bringing a fresh script. Both actor and director are keeping their lips sealed about the movie as a whole.


2011 is Two Thousand and Yuvan

What’s your plan for 2011? Well here’s Yuvan Shankar Raja’s plan: To go Hollywood with his music!

“I always love to dream big. My plan for the New Year is to step in to the Hollywood. I am seriously working in that direction,” said Yuvan, who also happens to be getting ready for his first live concert in Chennai.

2010 has been pretty awesome for the buzzing music director, as he had chartbusting albums with Paiyaa and Naan Mahaan Alla.


Harris says no to Bollywood

Since Minnale, Harris Jeyaraj has been making waves all over South India with his music. With his compositions reaching Tollywood too, why does he not try and break Bollywood?

Harris says “To be frank, I don’t have the time because I have to honour my commitments here. Also, this is my base and I am not ready to go anywhere.” The music director also adds that he is happy with where he is and that he could not ask for anything better.

The director is currently eagerly awaiting the release of 2 films that have his music. One is Prabhu Deva’s “Engeyum Kadhal” and the other, K.V.Anand’s “Ko.”


Another 6 pack!

Vishal is to sport his six pack again for his next film. Initially, the actor had to gain a few pounds for Bala’s "Avan Ivan" but now that the film is pretty much complete, Vishal will commence working on his new film, which is to be directed by Prabhu Deva. But he will not be the only one with a six pack in this new film. No no, someone else will also join the list of hunkies, and that is no other than our comedian Vivek! Yes that’s right, you read correctly. It seems Vivek will be playing a gym instructor in this new flick, and so Prabhu Deva has asked him to sport a six pack as well. As a dedicated actor, Vivek will start training and begin to build that body. We wonder if he’ll be able to pull of the hunky look?

Words: Nish Raj © 2010