Monday 17th June 2024
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Ival Poleh by Tha Mystro

At only sixteen years old ‘’Tha Mystro’’ is making quite a name for himself. Born in France to Sri Lankan Tamil parents, Sujeev has a real passion for music with other Tamil rappers including UK’s SujeethG and Malaysia’s Dr Burn & Yogi B as his inspiration. In 2004 his family moved to England where he now calls home.

The young Tamil rapper, who originally started his musical journey through beat boxing is formerly known as ‘’Lankan Viruz’’, but unfortunately due to unmentioned circumstances it was changed to ‘’Tha Mystro’’ ( தி à®®à¯?ஸ்à®?்ரà¯?).

Currently signed to GJ Arts, an independent Tamil label based in London, Tha Mystro is developing his talent & skills.  His first success was with a song titled ‘’Unknown Girl’’ which was sung by a well known Malaysian artiste called Rumethis and rapped by himself.

His new song is ‘‘Ival Poleh’’ has the Tamil rapper venturing into new territory and singing, and at only 16 he is off to a good start. The very catchy, ‘’I’m in love for the first time’’, happy go lucky song has been penned by himself and music produced by Gagi of GJ Arts. The only criticism we have is that the song is long. In at just under 5 and a half minutes, this is ok for a Kollywood film ballad but for an independent song the four minute mark would have sufficed.

Have a listen and If you like the song, please support the artist and by sharing the link.

Click here to listen to his new song.