Friday 14th June 2024
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Indian Jadoo (Music Video)

An introduction to ‘Indian Jadoo’ by Sanjeev T

Indian Jadoo was a song written as a fun song with Rainbow Bridge the Band. Akhiya miLao Kabhi Akhiya Churayu Kya, Thune KiyaJadoooooo…These were the lyrics taken from a Bollywood classic song with MadhuriDixit (Movie: Raja).

More so, The Song is an inspiration from the Colonial Cousins Track
” Indian Rain “. The song played the role of a Jam song within the band’s setlist.

Where ever we performed this song, it became an instant hit. Benny thought of the Tamil verse in the middle and we had this track rocking. This song has evolved since then to what it is today. This song brings wonderful memories with the band and I would like to thank all the members of Rainbow Bridge and the fans who allowed us to Jam our Rock. Those were days of freedom and passion, and I’m happy I am still following those wonderful ideals. Thank you to everyone who inspired this song. Enjoy the latest version of this song.

Produced : By Rainbow Bridge Studio and Eva Dowd Productions
Recorded at : Rainbow Bridge Studio in Chennai

Song Credits:
Vocals and Guitar : Sanjeev T
Female Voice: Chinna Ponnu
Additional Programming: Praveen Ninan
Mixed and Mastered: K.J Singh.

Video Credits :
Editing : Vishnu Viswakumar& Sanjeev T
Director of Photography : Arun James
Additional Cinematography: Jvack Toto