Thursday 18th July 2024
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Hold Me Down (Music Video)

Here we go, it’s that time again, another promo video from Toronto artist Diligent, this being the 3rd of the 4 total promo videos directed by Frankie N. Films. In the previous video, Diligent was hustling his product in the streets of Yorkville, Toronto, a place where “money makes the world go round“. At the end of the video we saw Diligent meeting up with his boys to go out and party for the night. ‘Hold me down’ (produced by LiTEWORKS) continues the story as Diligent heads home to his girlfriend after a long day of pushing the stuff that’s in his bag. But when you’re on a serious hustle, you never know what will come up and ruin your plans. Watch the video to find out what really went down.

In the final video, which will be released by the end of the month, Diligent reveals the product that he has been pushing throughout the last 3 promo videos. We will also reveal the name of Diligent’s first official single as a solo artist, which will be pushed internationally, released to DJ’s, radio stations, clubs, mixtapes, blogs and more. As you can see, with all of these great videos he has been creating for the past month, Diligent is here to stay! We have embedded all three music videos below.

Diligent – Hold me down – Promo Music Video 3

 Diligent – Seldomly Sleep – Promo Music Video 2

 Diligent – No Question – Promo Music Video 1