Sunday 14th July 2024
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Canadian Collabo

Two production teams from Canada, Seboyz (TR., Sri, Purji, Thibz, Brown Jack & D’zz) & TJP (Jegan Thiru) have collaborated on a joint project titled Chelluva Pennai. It can be described simply as a trio…A song, music video and short film. So what’s it about? It’s Brown Jack’s birthday, but instead of celebrating, he finds himself at the park with his friends thinking about whether or not the girl of his dreams will confess her love to him. He’s been waiting 3 months for an answer and she suddenly walks by. Does she feel the same way or not? Watch and find out!


Video information

Song : Chelluva Pennai
Artist : Brown Jack (SeBoyz)
Cast : Purji (SeBoyz), Roshan and Jeya)
Lyrics : Brown Jack (SeBoyz)
Music : Jegan (TJP)
Video Editing : TJ Production
Camera : Jegan (TJP)
Editing : S.Karthik and Jegan (TJP)
Story & Direction : Roshan (Nandhi Ent)
Special Thanks : Nandhi Ent., S.Karthik, Sabtha T (title), SeBoyz And to all our Fans.