Tuesday 16th July 2024
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SujeethG brought a new dimension to Tamil Sollisai.He is capable of creating powerful and beautiful sculptures for all genre of music.This is how I originally intended to describe myself. I am who I am – it is the reality. So, what purpose is served by trying to blow my own trumpet?

Who am I? I believe an artist must also be socially conscious – one who is motivated by saleability of his creations will be ‘sold’. I am merely driftwood in the stream of nature. I am not the architect of my success. If at all, I can take the responsibility for my shortcomings and failures. Most of my creations find their expressions in matters that affect my personal life and my surroundings. I believe that any creation will become wholesome when the expressions of one’s soul meet the reasoning of one’s mind. Some of my writings are scribbles of my thoughts that occurred to me whilst asleep – there are occasions where I had got out of my bed to capture the lines before going back to sleep. My actions are not motivated by the pursuit of vanity. I am satisfied and happy when I feel I have done something worthy – that’s all. It is not the style but the substance that matters. For me, imagination and creativity are of essence, not gestures or lustre. Vanity is a double edged sword – those who fall on it are to be pitied. Most of my creations are reflections of the contemporary social dynamics. Through my music, I seek to instigate thought and laughter. I neither seek nor able to do more.