Thursday 11th April 2024
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Kuruji, born and raised in a musical family had music grow with him. He learnt to sing and play all instruments in carnatic music. He is also one of the fewest male Indian Classical Bharathanatyam Dancers in Europe.

Kuruji started assisting his mother, a great carnatic vocalist and bharathanatya teacher and his grandmother, a renowned violinist in the Tamil Diaspora at many classical events and arangetram. When Carnatic lovers were mesmerized by a teenage boy on the flute constantly at events, Kuruji’s recognition started scraping sky high in the carnatic community.

GJ Arts, a platform for many artists signed and supported Kuruji’s dreams and goals. Through consistent exposure with an unplugged band called Soul and Harmony, Kuruji started becoming admired by cinema lovers too. Eventually he started playing Flutes for many Hip Hop and RnB songs produced by independent artists and producers.

Thanks to everyone’s support Kuruji is also known as Hip Hop Flautist.