Saturday 13th April 2024
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Track of the Week #25 – Vallinam

This week’s track of the week is from the Tamil film "Vallinam" which is about basketball. Two of the people involved in the film were also in director Shankar’s film "Boys". The first is singer and actor Nakul, whose last successful film was "Kadhalil Vizhunthen". The second is music director SS Thaman. 

The track I have chosen is sung by actor STR alongside Mukesh and Thaman himself. With Thaman being a professional drummer, he usually composes an energetic opening song for a film, with a fast-paced rhythm and a catchy chorus. But in Vallinam, we have something different; the song starts very slowly with calm vocals about friendship at college. The use of synthesizer on STR’s vocals are clearly heard but it works for the track. As we further get into the song, we get a simple koothu beat added in, which picks up the energy without detracting from the song’s melody and lyrics.

Have a listen below: