Friday 24th May 2024
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The LXGIC Experiment

We’re loving this new video by students at at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The dancers  – who are also part of the Waterloo-Laurier Warriors dance team – are Athavan Anpalagan (a.k.a. WessTigga), Rakavan Anpalagan (Illusion) and Senduran Bhakthakumaran (2wist).

Although the dancers are busy with other commitments, they perform at a number of events and also release videos on YouTube. Their "Why This Kolaveri Di Dance" video has clocked up over a quarter of a million views in the past year!

"The LXGIC Experiment" is a collaboration between these talented dancers and music producer Sangeeth Srinivasan, who is also known as LXGIC.

"We wanted this to be a timeless piece, and more than just a dance video," says Athavan (WessTiga). "We felt that this was the perfect time to release another video, and together we came up with the details as to how to go about making this concept work."

Watch "The LXGIC Experiment" below: