Friday 14th June 2024
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Teri Meri crosses a million views

Earlier this year, Arjun released a remix of the track "Teri Meri" from hit Bollywood film "Bodyguard", featuring the lovely Priti Menon. Today, the video crossed the one million views mark! 

Arjun made a name for himself after his English version of "Why This Kolaveri Di?" went viral, and has since performed in several countries across the globe from Canada to New Zealand. 

However, let’s not forget the beautiful vocals from Priti on this track! 

"What makes me happy is that a million people have heard my voice and have appreciated me – those people, who probably wouldn’t have otherwise known who Priti Menon is," says the singer. "I’ll always be grateful to Arjun for this ever-growing platform."

The singer – who is now based in the UK – began by singing Carnatic music as a child, and has since expanded to include more contemporary, pop songs in a variety of languages. The success of Teri Meri has led to her being approached by a number of promising musicians.

"I’m currently working on releasing my first single, and I have a few collaborations with artists such as Kishan, Niraj Chag, Talvin Singh and Rashid Ali in the pipeline. I am leaving no stone unturned to ensure that I am nominated for next year’s UK Asian Music Award!"

We can’t wait to see what both Arjun and Priti have in store!