Friday 24th May 2024
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Tamil song nominated for MTV Video Music Awards, India

Congratulations to popular Indian singer Benny Dayal who has been nominated for the “BEST INDI ARTIST” award at the first ever  MTV –  Video Music Awards, India. Known more popularly for his chart topping film songs in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Benny started in the industry as an independent singer, which he continues to develop.

The song which he has been nominated for is "Swaasamum Neeye" from his debut 2012 album “Vaazhkai DJ,” co-produced by British Tamil music producer Charles Bosco. Read more about the album by clicking here

The song is the only Tamil song to be nominated in this year’s awards ceremony, which focuses on Bollywood and Indi music. To vote for Benny, please visit the link here: