Wednesday 29th May 2024
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She’s a Killer by Stylez Unit

She’s a Killer is the catchy new single and debut music video by UK’s latest Tamil group Stylez Unit. Performing in the video are Black Kaalai, Mr Ant & V-Don, in a Kollywood inspired, Chennai street kadai style video, shot entirely inside a warehouse in London by S.Santhan & his team from Eternal Icon.

Stylez unit have used the young Tamil Timbaland – Charles Bosco to produce the music for this Tamil Kuthu track, which could quite easily fit into a South Indian film. The group have co-written the lyrics with Dayan Shan, a story about a young man who recently broke up with his girlfriend.

We’re confident that “She’s a Killer” is going to be popular on the  dancefloor as Kuthu/Gaana has grown in popularity over the past few years, but we feel that the song doesn’t necessarily need the English rap which in our opinion let down the track for a few seconds. Check out the video here;