Wednesday 29th May 2024
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Raavannan by SujeethG

Raavannan, the great king of Lankapuri is Sujeeth G’s third album. An independent Tamil artiste from the UK, SugeethG specialises in Tamil rap.’s Kavya Rajagopalan, with plenty of experience reviewing Kollywood & Bollywood albums tell us what she thinks of this new independent Tamil album. 

Sujeeth G’s album "Raavannan" is a lovely mix of upbeat and slower tracks, and an excellent third album to accompany ‘Singles’ & ‘Adi Mel Adi’, his first two albums. Covering a range of genres, Raavannan is a Tamil album consisting of Sujeeth’s rapping/vocals as well as a few tracks featuring other artists. A handful of the songs – such as Thaimozhi and title track Raavannan – have a patriotic theme, so while the lyrical content may be a little heavy for some, musically they are well-produced tracks. Kaatrunai featuring OliviaT is one of the stand-out tracks; a ballad – reminiscent of En Anbe from the film Sathyam – though with a far catchier hook line. Vizhiyil is another mellow love song with a chorus that I caught myself humming hours after I first listened to it.

Moving on to the more upbeat numbers, there is Ellaam Kaasu – a boozy number with instrumental interludes that have a slight Irish feel to them. If that doesn’t get your spirits up, then Enna Maranthu is sure to; it’s a Baila-inspired track, drenched in summertime vibes on an exotic island. If you’re not familiar with Sri Lankan Baila music, think along the lines of Vaada Maapilley from the Vijay film Villu.

Kadavul and Puthu Yaham are exactly the sort of tracks that I can imagine being blasted from the cars of young people – the basslines are quite addictive. Kadavul has a more classical feel in that it involves Veenas and bells, whereas Puthu Yaham is more Westernised, with strings providing a great bassline along with the beat. Carnatic connoiseurs probably won’t be too keen on Kulaloothi – an interesting interpretation of Carnatic composition Kuzhaloothi Manamellam, but there are other songs in the album with Classical influences to make up for it.

All in all, Raavannan is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Though it does fall flat in places – for example with London Vanthan, where it feels like the backing track and lead melody clash at points, songs such as Vizhiyil and Enna Maranthu remedy this with the vocals, arrangement and lyrics seamlessly merging to form some excellent tracks. 3.5/5

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