Monday 17th June 2024
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Introducing BASS – IN BRIDGE

In 2003, A.R Rahman produced the soundtrack to "Boys," a Tamil film about a group of four boys and one girl who form a band, fall in love then fall out again, face hardship, make good music, etc! Could this be the same band but without the drama? Or is this the introduction to a new VijayTV reality program about an independent band from Chennai making their way in the Kollywood dominated Tamil music scene? My mind wanders!

Today A.R. Rahman recommended an independent band he discovered on YouTube. He plugged their link to his 9million fans on Facebook and Twitter! Check out Maalavika (Vocals), Shashank (Dharbuka), Sajith (Bass), Arjun (Guitar) and Leon (Keys) perform Deceptive. They are BASS – IN BRIDGE, a funk – Jazz – pop band from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Formed in September 2010 through their involvement in the Chennai Live band hunt, the members realised that they all shared similar interests in music, life and youtube videos.