Thursday 16th May 2024
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Anirudh Ravichander releases ‘Ain’t nobody f**kin with my music.’

‘Independent music’ also known as ‘non-film music’ is one of the fastest growing industries in the Tamil & Indian entertainment scene.

Big names such as Sony Music India have now signed deals with Tamil independent artistes from the diaspora targeting the Indian homeland market. We have also seen many independent artistes such as Adhi (India), Sid Sriram (USA), Tha Prophecy (Canada) & Arjun (UK) collaborating with big names producers including Yuvan & AR Rahman on Kollywood films.

The young, popular, South Indian music producer & ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ fame Anirudh Ravichander released today a teaser for his debut independent song ‘Ain’t nobody f**kin with my music.’

Comments have been disabled on the youtube video by his team and public response so far have been far from positive. Please be warned, as the title suggests, the song featured below contains profanity which would upstage an east coast American rapper…with tourettes!