Monday 17th June 2024
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Graamatthu Ponnu Music Video by Malaysian duo Viveck ji & Shantra

Check out the highly anticipated music video for Graamatthu Ponnu, a catchy Tamil folk song by Malaysians Shantra & Viveck Ji.

Graamatthu Ponnu received regular airtime on Thr Raaga’s Malaysian Tamil music chart and the duo opened for Anirudh’s show in KL in 2013.

Part of Diss Entertainment, Shantra & Viveck Ji have been working together for 5 years and with two albums under their belt, they are now set to release their third titled Eyekon. Graamatthu Ponnu is featuring on the album and is about a girl from the village who moves to the city where her lifestyle changes but still manages to keep her traditions.

The music video for the Tamil folk song was filmed in various locations across Tamil Nadu and was launched on the 12th January in Chennai at an event attended by Kollywood producer G V Prakash & popular Tamil folk singers including Chinna Ponnu.

This is the first independent Tamil song to be released via Sony India, who have recently uploaded the video onto their official VEVO channel. 

Interestingly Viveck Ji & Shantra, are not only singers but also well-known Tamil rappers.

For most Tamil music fans outside of Malaysia, Yogi B is one of the first names associated with Tamil rap, thanks to his popular song ‘Madhai Thiranthu’ which at the time surpassed the reach of Tamil independent music via youtube. For us located in Europe, we came across a group called Chakrasonic just a little earlier, introduced via the BBC we were hooked, starting our fascination with Malaysia’s vibrant independent music scene. Viveck with his two brothers Jack and Vijay founded Chakrasonic.

Is there a point? Our introduction to a young punjabi artiste known as Yo Yo Honey Singh is through a song called ‘International Villager,’ a Punjabi folk / Bhangra song. Honey Singh is today one of India’s biggest & highest paid artistes. Another name in Indian folk music is Raghu Dixit, recently voted ‘best live performer’ at GIMA 2014.

This leads us finally to what we are getting to! If you want to break India & appeal to the wider global mainstream audience, folk could be the way! This is just our humble opinion! Enjoy the video.