Sunday 19th May 2024
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Thamarai, the home of South Asian creativity…

When Thamarai launched in 2009, we were looking to be the place that covered all things relating to South Asian entertainment, giving equal importance to the Southern regions as well as the more well-known aspects such as Bollywood & Bhangra.

We launched our revamped site in September 2012 with the idea of providing more space for the Southern regions (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada). It has been just over six months since then, and we are happy to say that we have grown in that time. We have had a great response from all of you, and are delighted that our TX (Thamarai eXtra) videos have been so well-received. The series includes a number of programmes including "LIFE", "STYLE" and "FLOW", and we can’t wait to continue to build on our video content in the future.

However, from feedback from our followers, we have found that what our audience wants is a bit of everything, the best of everything – some Tamil cinema & independent music, some Bollywood, some Bhangra and Gaana, some Asian Urban…it seems that, for our following, variety is indeed the spice of life!

Taking that into account, we will be making a few changes around here in terms of content. We want Thamarai to be the home of South Asian creativity, be it music, dance, film, fashion, art or even something entrepreneurial. Whether it’s someone of South Asian heritage making new music, or someone of any heritage making South Asian art, Thamarai is the place for them!

As we grow, we want to strive to maintain a healthy mix of South Asian talent with a balance between the Southern regions (which we find are often neglected), and the wider South Asian industry, both within South Asia and across the world.

So, here’s to moving forward in order to create a Thamarai which embraces South Asian creativity in all its glory!

If you would like to contribute to Thamarai, or if you’re a creative looking for a platform for your work, then dr0p a line to and we can get the ball rolling!