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Face Off 2013

Face Off, the inter-university music and dance competition was back again on Sunday 10th March at the Barbican Centre in London. The former war bunker, now prestigious creative venue was filled with the fusion of western and eastern sounds accompanied by the cheer of screaming students from eight universities across the UK.

Hosted by ComedyFrat, with a judging panel made up of some well-known faces including Ashanti OMkar, producer Charles Bosco & singer-songwriter Nakkeeran, eight universities went head to head, each with one dance and one music performance.

St. George’s University, London became the first university in the show’s history to win both music and dance, after their dynamic performances struck a chord with the judges.

Priyanka, the choreographer of St George’s music act was thrilled her act won, saying “This year I really wanted to find new talent and come up with a refreshing new act.. This is where Aron Fisahaye came in! He is a first year graduate medical student and I was blown away by his voice when he auditioned for us! What was even more amazing is that he sang a Tamil song [“Adiye” from “Kadal”] so brilliantly despite not being Tamil himself.

“The show overall was amazing this year,” she added. “Everyone really stepped up, and competition was fierce!”

Check out the video of their music performance here:

The other universities that took part in the competition were City, Nottingham, Leicester, Queen Mary’s, Westminster, Warwick and King’s College London.

The Gaana Rajas made their debut appearance after their stint on Sky 1’s Got To Dance, and their moves were as energetic and in sync as ever.

A huge congratulations to St. George’s, and well done to the rest of the participants as well! To check out the winning dance routine from St. Georges, click here;