Friday 24th May 2024
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Convert your memories, with Memryz!

As the world is becoming more and more digitalised, a lot of us are faced with the prospect of having to do something with our old printed photos, videos, slides and negatives. If you’re not sure how to go about converting everything into digital, then perhaps new venture Memryz can help!

The gap in the market was a clear one for me,” says Memryz founder, Jeremy Kaj. “There is no single service in the market today which simplifies converting your old printed photos, videos, slides, negatives, cine-reels to digital, giving you the ability to turn them into photo gifts and providing you with the means to protect all your other precious memories stored on your computers too.

I  personally wanted all these services but couldn’t find a way to achieve my goal without going to 3 to 4 different providers. Memryz take you on a journey from preserving, protecting and sharing precious memories through a single point of contact at a great price.

Of course, it is possible to do these conversions manually at home, but it is an extremely time-consuming process, and Jeremy wanted to create a service to make it easier for everyone.

The one commodity no one wants to give up in todays world is time. Our lives are so busy, we simply don’t have the time to sit there and do all this and even if we did, we may not do as good of a job as a professional might. This is in part how Memryz came to be, allowing you to spend your precious time doing more interesting things with your life.

Although he has spent most of his working career selling Information Security solutions to corporate clients, Jeremy knew that he wanted to do something entrepreneurial on his own terms.

I realised that I had an aching to create something myself, which could also be my legacy to pass down to my children. I didn’t want to look back in 10 years time and say – ‘I wish I had done something with that idea I had’. Fortunately for me, I have surrounded myself these past few years with friends and colleagues who share the same passion and so this all came together to create Memryz.

So, what’s up with the company’s name and logo? “The unique spelling embodies what the company is all about – our memories, and bringing the past to present with a modern take,” explains Jeremy. “And the pixelated Z with the rocket on its back represents the task at hand – we’ll digitse your memories and help you liberate them!

Setting up a company may sound daunting to some, but it seems that for Jeremy the path has been pretty straightforward so far. “Fortunately there weren’t too many stumbling blocks along the way as I always had it clear in my mind what the end service was going to look like. All we had to do was find the pieces of the jigsaw and make everything fit. We have had some great help along the way, from investment, developers, marketing, design and some really great partners. If it wasn’t for our combined network of contacts, Memryz probably wouldn’t be here today.

Jeremy is quick to highlight that Memryz is not just a digital conversion service; it is a seamless integration of a number of services to protect and enjoy your memories, including an online backup service and a photo gifts service.

A lot of popular services are simple to use but deliver on expectation and that is what we have accomplished with Memryz. To give you an example, we know that if you want to send off your old photos to get digitised, the first chore is to count the number of photos, find a box to put it in, go to the post office, have the package weighed and then pay the corresponding costs!

We wanted to simplify this for our customers, so as part of our Platinum photo conversion package, you simply choose a package based on if you think you have less than 200 photos, less than 500 or less than 1000. We’ll ship you a Memryz box to put all your photos in then you just take it to the post office where they’ll ship it back to our labs on Royal Mail Special Delivery – Free of charge. Simple!

The Memryz website is launching on the 31st of March 2013 – World Backup Day. Just visit on the day to find out more about the services and the different packages that are available. Checkout our service videos too for more info:

As an introductory offer on launch, the Memryz Cloud Backup service (where you can backup all the data on all your computers with unlimited data) will be priced at an industry-beating £19.99 per year!